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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Flowering Flourishes Card Holder

 Ok, I told you I was going to make more cards and a holder for them and I did.  The first photo is the front of the holder.  Just a clean and simple looking cover.  

The second photo is of the inside of the greeting card holder.  It's has a magnetic closure, which I LOVE.  It gives it a more professional look somehow!  There's two pockets and inside each pocket is 2 cards and 2 decorated envelopes.  The holder will hold up to a total of 8 cards and envelopes, depending on how thick you embellish your cards.  But the way this holder is designed, if you decide to just make 4 cards and 4 envelopes, like I did, there will be some room in the pockets but the cards won't fall out because once it's closed there are no open gaps for cards to slip out.  That is how I designed it and that is why I designed it that way.  I have seen a lot of card holders out there and many of them have the top or one side open and if you tile or turn the holder all the cards can fall out.  Tilt and turn this one all you want, the cards are going to stay inside!

And the last photo is of the contents of the holder.  The Petite Pairs set was perfect for the words on these cards.  They fit inside the 1-3/8" circle punch.  The cards are as follows: a thank you card, a birthday card, a sympathy card and a Best Wishes card.  I have made LOTS of these card holders and by the time the craft fairs roll around I have them all packaged up for sale and ready to go.  They are not difficult to make either.  And these are also great for a Stamp Camp project!  There's over 170 Stamp Camp projects on this blog.  Just click here to be directed to them.  

You can purchase the pattern here.  It's in PDF format and it's still on sale!  The pattern allows you to make as many as you wish and sell as many as you wish.  And you get at tip on how to save money on the button magnets too!

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Runs with Scissors said...

One word....elegant!