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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Betsy's Blossoms Note Box Weekend Project

No, this is not the project I was talking about the other day.  That one is still in progress.  Not that it’s a difficult project, it’s just that I don’t have a lot of time to work on it.  I take a few minutes here and there to work on my projects.  I have a list of unfinished projects that I am trying to work through.  I’d LOVE to be at the end of my list before the new year starts! That is a wonderful goal but I'm not sure how achievable it is!!!  But I'm up for the challenge and the task!!  So you may be seeing a few more projects mingled among the cards here!  Which is always good for holiday handmade gift giving.

I had gotten these note boxes at Target's Dollar Spot.  I removed the paper from inside and used it. I use a lot of note paper and I ended up with quite a stack of empty boxes, and that's really a good thing!  I always took their ugly paper out anyway and added some cut copier paper that looked a lot nicer.  And their paper usually matched the front of the box.  These boxes had Monster's Inc. images on them and so did the paper that was inside.  It's cute but will not go with the new altered look.  

I used the Comfort Cafe decorative paper here (I used the downloaded one for this project.  I am going to make about 6 of these and I knew I'd run out of paper if I used it from the 12" x 12" pack so I bought the download and printed out my own.  

The front of the box is decorated using the Betsy's Blossoms set. The bird is stamped using the new Midnight Muse ink pad and it turned out SO dark, it almost looks black.  In person you can see it's a dark blue and not black.  I added a tiny pearl to the birds eye and one to the center of the flower on the belly band.  

 I did add a belly band around the box to hold it shut.  I use to tie them shut with ribbon but when shoppers would open them to look at the paper inside the ribbon was very difficult to tie back up and look nice.  So the belly band works the best. You just slip it off,they look at the inside and set it back down and all you have to do is slide the band back on.  I did stamp on the first sheet of the stack of loose papers in the box. 

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