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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bootiful Occasions

I bought this Boutiful Occasions set because I LOVED the witch boot image in it.  I want to use the cowboy boot image before I use the witch and Christmas one.  I have a few ideas for some Christmas stuff but I'm going to hold off for a little while yet.  I'm still wanting to do flowers, even though it's been SO hot out lately that I am wanting to welcome winter with open arms!  Today we have rain and better temps. I'm hoping we have cloud cover all day.  If that sun comes out after these thunder storms it could get nasty out there.  We need the rain but that's all, just rain, no hail, no strong winds or downpours, just rain!  Ok, weather report is over!  LOL

This card was not my idea.  I found it at Joan's Daily Stampede blog.  I have been asked how I run across some of these blogs.  I honestly don't know.  Sometimes I just Google the name of the stamp set I want to use and blogs pop up.  Many times I go to Split Coast Stampers.  There's a plethora of samples and other information there!

The background (SO cool looking) is from the Natural Composition Decorative Paper (DP) pack.  The wood grains are actually glossy looking.  And it has some substance to it, it's a lot thicker than the regular double sided DP is.

The boots were stamped using a marker on the outer edges and then stamped on the Polka Dot Parade DP and cut out.  Not one of my favorite techniques!!! I'd rather have punches to do that kind of work for me. Fortunately it was only two boots so I didn't whine too much!!! LOL

The words came from under the boot.  I had to mask the boot off when I stamped the words.  And I hoped I got them straight!  They are straight enough! 

I tied a red ribbon around the layers and then set them in place.  I didn't add the hemp like the original card shows.  I was too lazy to get up and get it!  Plus I liked the look of just the red anyway.  

This would be a great image to use for a shower card, wouldn't it?  Just type up some wording on the computer and add it where the words are on the card!  How cute would that be?  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Anonymous said...

Love your card! I too had to buy this set but haven't used it yet. Can't wait.
Carol O