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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Papillon Potpourri Scratch Pad Cover Weekend Project

I was having some fun with the Papillon Potpourri set and the beautiful butterfly punch.  How much do you love that punch?  It sure does beat cutting out butterflies.

Today I made a cover for a scratch pad.  The photo makes this look a little bigger than it actually is.  It measures 3" x 5".  I just wrapped some white card stock around the back and over the front.  I scored the lines so they were crisp instead of looking "folded" over (like they did before I scored them).  You can also mark them and score them to avoid any folding over to find the right fold measurements.  I didn't measure anything.  I just set the card stock on the scratch pad and marked the edge that I needed to cut.  I don't measure these things because a lot of the times they are all not the same exact size.  

SO to make this cover I took Whisper White card stock and cut it to the width of the pad.  Then I wrapped and cored it around the pad starting from the back and going to the front via the top.  I cut off the excess and punched the butterfly.  Then I took the Wisteria Wonder and wrapped it from the top of the back to the front, covering about 7/8 of the front.  

I punched the butterfly out on the white piece and then I used a glue stick and glued it in place.  I marked on the front of the Wisteria Wonder piece where I wanted the texture to be and then I added it.  Next I set the Wisteria Wonder on the scratch pad and tucked the front piece under the white.  I traced the butterfly and then used the Stamp-a-ma-jig to stamp the butterfly in the exact spot I needed it on the Wisteria Wonder.  I used some tiny magnets to hold the flap down.  I could have used the stamped and punched out butterfly to act as a way to tuck the flap down.

I have over 200 Weekend Projects on my blog (WOW, that's a lot!!!).  Just click here to see more of them!  A lot of them are great for Craft Fairs, Stamp Camps, Make N Takes, Customer Appreciation Gifts, Hostess Appreciation Gifts and just fun things to do on the weekend!

This one will be added to the box of "stuff" for the fall craft fair.  It's slowly getting full.  But keep in mind, it's not a very big box!!! LOL

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