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Monday, July 02, 2012

Garden Green!

 Yup, it's working.  The garden is green, it's working.  It's been about a month since I first showed you the Gutter Garden and I thought I would take some photos and show you how it's coming along.  

Things are growing.  Now we can recognize the "stuff" that is coming up.  

In the first photo, on the top left, radishes are growing.  I've already picked some and I'm told I'm suppose to plant some more now too.  In the middle of that top row is carrots.  Now that is a funny one.  How are they going to grow?  Will they be shaped like a "J"?  LOL  We will probably pick them when they grow about an inch and a half.  It will just be sweet baby carrots!  In the middle of that row we have one parsley plant. Then at the end of that row we have peas growing.  They are starting to climb but no blooms yet.

The next row, on the left end we have spinach growing.  It's not doing very well there.  It's small and they dry out very quickly.  At the end of that row we have celery growing.  And the celery is growing nicely.  The stalks are getting thicker and they are filling out nicely.  I have grown celery in the ground before and it is the sweetest celery you'll ever eat.  

And in the bottom row we have onions growing.  They seem to be doing fine.  They are slow growing but I think onions grow slow anyway.  

The final photo here is the parsley plant.  See how pretty it is? It's lush and full and very healthy looking.  We don't use much parsley  though. I like to buy a plant because I love the look of them.  They are so pretty!  LOL

So there you have it, the garden is growing nicely.  It's a fun thing to do.  I'm sure next year we will plant vegetable in it again, though I was thinking how pretty cascading flowers would be in it.  Maybe some time but for now and next year it will be vegetables! It's nice to not have to do a lot of weeding.  Not many weeds grow in there and the few that do are easy enough to remove.  It makes gardening more fun!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,


Cindy said...

Awesome idea that you had using rain gutters. I just might have to try that. Huge thanks! Keep us updated on all your veggies!

mudmaven said...

FANTASTIC! I might have to try this next year - such a great, low maintenance idea. Looks gorgeous too! ~chris

SherryBee said...

What an inventive idea! good luck with it! It will be fun to see how it all goes.
SherryBee in AZ

SherryBee said...

Hi, Just wondering how this worked out for you? Will you do this again? And, do you have a recent picture of it now? Thanks!
SherryBee in AZ