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Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Gifts Weekend Project

These are quick fun little projects that the kiddies can get involved with too.  You can stamp the image(s) and the kids can color them.  Once they are all assembled the kids can give them out to their friends, teachers and Sunday school teachers!! 

Aren't the tiny chocolate bunnies adorable?  They are made by the Russell Stover company.  I think the package said there was something like over 60 bunnies in it or it could have been more.  Just look at it, there's LOTS of bunnies in it and these two little baggies were from just one package!!

The bunny image is from one of the dollar stamps at Michaels.  I just thought he was a cute bunny!  I thought it was something fun that the kids could do.  Kids love to be in the workroom/craft room and they love to get their hands on your "stuff!"  What a perfect project for them to have some fun with and be creative too AND without a lot of mess!

The bunnies were colored in using watercolor crayons and a blender pen.  For smaller kids you could color in the images and then just hand them the blender pens to blend (and probably mix) the colors!!!  It's just nice when you can get the kids involved in some creativity and away from the tv!!!

Ok, great news here.   Tonight I have one more "thing" to do on the project I've been talking about for what seems like months!!!  And it will be ready to show you tomorrow!!  So be sure to check back tomorrow to see what all the hype was about!!  I am happy with the way it turned out.  For my first one I know there's a few things I would have done differently but like I said it was my first one and I'm sure I will be making more!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today!
See you tomorrow,

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Stampin Deva said...

What a cute bunnie stamp, gotta run to Michael's, lol