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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's a Wrap!

I just LOVE the "It's a Wrap Occasions" and "It's a Wrap Holidays" sets.  This image came from the "It's a Wrap Occasions" set.  The center of the bandage read "get well soon but I taped that part off so I could add the "ouch" I made on the computer. 

This was a fun little project and useful too.  This really is a small first aid kit but once the original wrapper was taken off it all you were left with was a white plastic box.  It needed to be labeled but I didn't want to write on it with a marker so I thought I would make a fun belly band that could be slid back on when you were done getting what you needed out of it!!  

It's just a fun way to dress up something that needed labeling!  OK, back to working on that fun project!  I have a few minutes tonight to play with it.  I'm hoping that within the next 2 days it will be ready (finally) to share with you!!!  I'm excited because it is really starting to take shape now and I'm liking what I'm seeing!!

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