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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everybunny Easter Candy Wrapper Weekend Project

Once again this is NOT the project I've been telling you about.  This is one I started a couple of weeks back and finally got around to finishing it up.  I had a buy one get one free coupon for Hershey Air Delights candy bars.  Well, you just can't pass up deals like that now can you??  LOL  I thought it would be fun to make an Easter wrapper for them.  I LOVED this hot air balloon/egg bunny and hoped it was thin enough to fit within the space on the wrapper and sure enough it was. 

I stamped the bunnies and then colored them.  Once I was done with that I did cut out the bunny in the basket and the balloon/egg.  I glued them in place because I knew tape wouldn't stay.  I glued them to some decorative paper I wrapped around the candy bar and also glued in place. Glue holds SO much better on these than tape.  And yes, the Red Line or Sticky Strip are very sticky and will work too but once you stick it down you are done.  Glue lets you move it around a little before it starts setting, that is why I prefer the glue. 

The Happy Easter is from the Teeny Tiny Words set and I punched them out using the word window punch.  After punching them out I stuck them to a piece of copier paper and moved the punch down further and punched it again to make a smaller oval. 

Now to make the cute little label punched out piece I just folded the card stock and slipped it under the punch and punched out a piece big enough for the ovals I made.  I was lucky it came out right the first time.  I did mark the inside of my punch with a pencil so I could make the second one the same size.  I didn't think I could get that luck twice!!!  LOL  Normally I would have taken a piece of copier paper to practice on to get the size right.  Maybe all this stamping experience has made it so I'm really good at eying it?   LOL  That would be SO cool if it were true!!! LOL  Now these labels do have a fold in them but the untrained eye will NOT pick it up and the fold lines that show are so small that it really is hard to detect.  Click on the photo for a close up and see if you can see the folds!!! 

Well, that is it.  There isn't a whole lot to these.  The coloring took about the longest and it wasn't bad at all.

I will get to work on that project because I'm SO excited to show you and with all the hype about it I am hoping that you will be excited to see it too!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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