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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Altered Note Holder

Ok, here it is. The project I told you I was going to post and it kept getting delayed. 

I love buying these little dollar boxes at Target.  They even come with scratch paper inside.  I often take the paper out and use it and cut my own white paper for the box.  Here I didn't need to add a different color paper because the paper matched the decorative paper.  That doesn't happen very often!! 

To make these altered note holders I usually take off the inside box.  I then redecorate the outside and put the box back on.  I sometimes decorate the box too.  For this one I added a strip of the decorative paper around the inside box.  It's the same paper as the belly band.  Sometimes, when I remember to do it, while I'm putting the decorative paper on I will work a ribbon in there and tie the box shut.  The only thing I don't like about that is that once it's opened it's usually difficult to retie it.  And even if you do get it retied it never looks the same as that first fresh knot did.  So I am leaning towards belly bands on the future note holders I need to alter!  I have a box full of these.  I had bought them for a gift project that had now gone by the wayside.  But that's ok.  I will use them for the upcoming craft fair.  I had gotten most of them at a discounted price so I can keep the price low on the item and sell them ALL.  Hopefully!!!

The second photo is showing the inside of the note holder.  You can see the papers that came with it in the holder.  See how well they go with the decorative paper? 

I used the Very Vintage set for the front on the belly band.  And the scalloped layered circle also covers the seam of the belly band.  I like the smooth look around the holder with the seam hidden, don't you?

Click here to see one that I made a while back. This one shows the original note holder with Buz Lightyear on it!  You can get a better idea of what to look for when you go to Target.  And trust me, these things don't last long in the store!

So now I need to make up a few more of these and box them up for the craft fair!!! I need to get a move on this stuff.  I do work good under pressure but I don't like to!  I would like to have my stuff done before the craft fair.  I want to try to do some each month and then closer to the craft fair I won't have to scramble and lose sleep to get the things done I wanted done!!!  I do this to myself every time I'm in a craft fair.

So there you have it, my altered note holder!

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