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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jolly Bingo Bits Tree Ornament Weekend Project

I had a LOT of fun making this ornament.  I used the Jolly Bingo Bits tree and snowman images.  I did make this in layers which was fun but made it more difficult to slip back between the glass.  Though I suppose I could have removed the back glass and added chip board and card stock until it was thick enough to hold the image in place. 

My lighting was a bit bad because the metal on this is silver, not gold tone!  But it is pretty in the gold too!  LOL  

I got these fun ornaments at Oriental Trading.  The order number is 65/90069.  I'm not sure what exactly what they are called but the order number is correct and you will see once you enter that number in.

I like these ornaments because the top part flips open so you can remove the glass (which you need to because it's foggy looking) and you just slip the glass back in with your work sandwiched between them.  I am going to make a bunch of these for gifts.  I had bought them for a project that has now gone by the wayside but I will find more cute things to put in them to try to sell at the craft fair.  And I also have a great-nephew who was born in May so this will be his first Christmas so I think I might make him an ornament too!

These are a lot of fun and do make great gifts!  Have fun with these!

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