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Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a Wrap Birthday Candies!

I had saved my Build a Brad containers and was SO glad I did.  6 Hershey Nuggets fit in them perfectly!!!  Was that planned by Stampin' Up!?  LOL 

I stamped the images on address labels and then attached them to a piece of copier paper to make a belly band.  This is done because of the rules that Hershey has in regards to their wrappers.  You have to respect their rules and laws!!  Though  I think the mostly apply to the candies if you are planning on selling them. Though I do prefer the belly band over attaching the mailing label directly to their wrapper.  It gives the one receiving it the option of taking a bite and wrapping the rest of it up for later.  With the belly band on the wrapper stays intact.  Attached to the wrapper it rips it.  I think the belly bands look much nicer too and it's easier to get them on the candies straighter too!

The container is going to be decorated with some ribbon and a nice tag and it will be ready for gift giving!

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