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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Fun Fold Friday Double Z Fold

 This fold was on the opening page at Split Coast Stampers today on their Wednesday Tutorial!  What luck for me!!  The link above has  step by step instructions on how to do this and there is also a video.  Personally I like the step by step instructions. Most of them you don't even have to read, you just follow the pictures and you can make the item.  Plus I don't have to deal with the sound.  Some videos have music (these don't) and I find it a bit annoying, distracting and pointless.  They also make the post/video longer to load.  Anyway, I did watch the video after I finished my card and it was just as helpful as the step by step photos (and words). 

I was pleasingly surprised at how quickly this card went together too.  It doesn't take long to make these and I could see doing these for a future Christmas card.  

I also like how the inside of the card is decorated too.  That is something I rarely do but I am thinking about doing it more.  It makes the inside of the card so much more attractive too!

I did tape my ribbon on the back side of the card. I didn't want it slipping and falling off when someone opens the card.  So it's still on the card but yet the card can be opened and tied back up again without any problems.

Isn't this a cool fold?  Now go try it for yourself!

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