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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are having a fun and safe Halloween!  I LOVE horror films so this time of the year is my favorite on cable!!  Masters of Horror was playing on the Reels channel so we set the DVR to record most of them!  They are a lot like the old Tales from the y Crypt or Tales from the Darkside shows.  They are an hour long and kind of creepy but not real scary.  I don't think I saw any real scary ones this year.  There was nothing new out there this year.  We did have plans to go see the re-remake of "The Thing" but our plans fell through and we didn't make it.  But I think I'd rather see it on DVD than on the big screen.  I like scary movies but in the comfort of my home!  LOL
I do not have a card or project for you tonight.  I spent my day working on some craft things for the craft fair.  I will take a photo of the cute snowmen heads I make and show you!! 

Oh and did you notice?  There's only 5 more days until my Blogoversary!   I began this blog in 2006!  WOW, that seems so long ago.  I have been pretty faithful about posting every day too!  I have loved every minute of it and I will be celebrating this milestone in 5 days so be sure to stop back on that day and see what the blog candy will be!!

Thank you so much for visiting today,

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Anonymous said...

Five years already? How fast time flies. CONGRATULATIONS! I have enjoyed your blog a lot. I check it out everyday, but haven't always had the chance to leave a comment. I don't do crafts, but it is fun to see yours, but I love your greeting cards - because I love making cards too.