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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Fold Friday Christmas Tree

For today's "Fun Fold Friday" I thought I would share with you a wonderful way to make a Christmas tree out of a half circle.  These are SO easy to make that I was even surprised and impressed at the same time!

I was not real happy with the ribbon, I wished I had some that would have matched the decorative paper a bit more.  But I do like how the tree came out.

At the top of my tree I had added a star brad.  You can use any brad but I did find out that you do need to have something up there to help hold all the folds down.  Before I had put the star on and discovered it held the folds I was going to just add a touch of tape at the tip of each fold on the inside.  But after the star went on everything seemed to lay nicely.  And I'm sure it will lay even flatter once the post office gets it's hands on it!!! LOL

This card was a lot of fun and you can get the instructions for this plus a PDF file to download, save and/or just print out to make the circle. I printed out one circle (it has the fold lines on it) and I went from there.  I did not cut out the whole circle either.  I was only planning on making one tree from the decorative paper that I had and I didn't want to cut up a huge piece for just one tree.  Anyway the information you want is found here at Connie's Inkspired Treasures blog.  

Have fun with these. You can decorate them up as you please!!

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Devina said...

This is so cute and I have some star brads just waiting for the right project . . . thanks for sharing