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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Julia/Julie Stamp Set Challenge 2

Ok, I pulled the next set off the shelf and sat down to play. Now this is a set I did use a lot when it was available for purchase. I kept it because I made a lot of little notebooks with it. I have sat here and thought about if I was going to keep it or sell it. It was a very tough decision to make and I have decided it will be sold too.

For those of you who don't know what the Julie/Julia Stamp Set Challenge is you can go here and read about it. I have made a label for this challenge so in the future you can click on the Julia/Julie label and see all the posts for this adventure!

This little notebook was very fun to make. I love making notebooks and to play with this set again was fun. I mean fun to the point to where I thought I may keep the set!!! The goal in this challenge is not only to go through all of my stamp sets but to remove the ones I no longer want so I can make room for the ones in stacks awaiting a better place to be displayed! Anyway, this little notebook will be included with the stamp set. I will be filling out the information for the web store so it should be in there after this entry is posted. There will be no photo with it right away. It takes a day or two for the web master to get that in the store. But all the info is there and a photo (the same one that will appear in the store) so you can see all the images in the set.

I also made a card with the set. The card will not be included. It went out in the mail on Friday morning. Along with a bit of home that it gets to it's destination on Saturday. But a belated Mother's Day card is better than not getting one at all, right? Now there isn't a lot of thrill to the card. I kept it plain and simple. In real life it has a nice elegant look to it. Sweet and to the point. Plus the writing on the inside would compensate for anything on the outside!

For the coloring on both items I just used markers, no blender pens. Plain and simple. Just stamp and color. I love simple!

This little notebook measures 2-1/8" x 3". Isn't it just sweet? Don't agree with me too much, I may decide to keep the set!!! NOOOOO, don't keep the set! LOL

Be sure to check the web store for this set. It's called "Doodle That" by Stampin' Up!

Thank you SO much for visiting today, Wanda

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PepPop said...

I'm lovin your Julia/Julie stamp challenge. I use digital ones but i'm sure I could do something similar. Love the notebook - very sweet. Jaqui x