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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Scrapbooking! REALLY!!!

Yup, I have done another scrapbook page. I'm on a roll now. There may be no stopping me! I wish! I'm still trying to break into scrapbooking. I have TONS of photos to scrap but I just need that nudge to get me seriously into it. I thought doing a page of my cats might help but it didn't.

A while back at Sue's DIVA Day event I did a scrapbook page and wanted to make a side by side page for my album. It took this long to get around to it. I've had the photos and they layout sitting in an envelope for a VERY long time. When I make the pages I do love doing the side by side pages. They mirror each other in layout form which I think makes a very neat and sharp looking album.

I had read once that you don't need to scrap in chronological order. I was SO thrilled to read that. I think it would get a bit boring doing the pages like that. SO I just took what I wanted to do and ran with that. I do like my pages but I think it's because I like the photo content!!!

This is Millie. I got her in December of 1999. She was born on October 26th. She is a beautiful Ragga Muffin cat. She is a bit of a touchy cat though. She was traumatized at the vet's office and has never recovered. She is fine around us but when anyone comes over she runs and hides. That's ok too, who wants all that hair on their clothes? She does love to be pet but her favorite thing is to lay on her back and wiggle around. Thus creating knots in her hair. UGH. I cut them out in big chunks but because of the length of her hair you can't even tell. She's such a hairy cat!

Anyway, on my page I used the Stampin' Up! "C is for Cat" set. It was one of the first sets I bought when the catalog came out! Me and cats!!! I buy lots of "cat" stuff! I used Garden Green for the background and layers. Very Vanilla is the main color on the top layer. I used a border punch and a strip of Very Vanilla stamped with cat paw prints on it. It's too bad most of it is hidden behind the photos. I stamped some fish at the top of the page using Sahara Sand ink. And I stamped a few fish and cut them out. I also stamped a cat and cut it out too. That was a bit more difficult to do because of the whiskers but I managed and it turned out ok.

I have one of the other two cats I will share with you tomorrow and you can see what I mean by back to back.

It looks like in about a week my blog will be reaching the One Million Hits mark!!!! How cool is that? I have some fun blog candy ready to celebrate this milestone and I'll be posting that in about a week!!! This is SO exciting!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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PepPop said...

What a gorgeous pussy cat. Aren't they great fun! (I have two) I would really love to try scrapbooking but don't know where to start so I'll be watching with interest. Jaqui x