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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go, Graduate Graduation Card

The graduation open houses are just starting to arrive. SO I thought I would make a card for each one as they come in. I'm not thrilled with this card though. I shouldn't have colored the gowns all the way up. Once I got it put together on the card I noticed how doing that made it look out of place. Oh well, a lesson learned for the next card I need to make.

I just LOVE this set. I had never purchased a graduation set from Stampin' Up! before. I am not sure why. But this one was just too cute to pass up. I absolutely LOVE that row of feet.

The cute owl came in the set too. I am going to take the card and color in the owl with Creamy Caramel or maybe Going Gray and a blender pen. It's got to be a soft color but the main things for me is it's got to be a color. It looks to blah just plain. And I need to finish coloring in the cap too. I guess I thought it was the top of the owls head. Oh my, I'm still laughing here. What an odd shaped head that would be!!! I must be too tired! So not only do I need to color the owl in but the cap too. I'll do the cap first so I will know it's NOT the owls head!! I don't believe the things I do (or see) anymore!! Silly me! And while I'm at it, I think I'll color in the diploma too. How could I forget to do all that coloring? Too much going on right now. Hopefully this weekend will bring with it some time to just kick back and relax! Sounds good to me.

This card was easy enough to make. The school colors are blue and white. Though I wasn't sure if it was a darker blue or the lighter one. When I went to that school (back in the dark ages!) the blue was light. I checked on the school's web site but it didn't show anything with their colors or logo, it just said the school colors are "blue and white. So blue and white it is. Do you think the person receiving it is going to care if the colors are wrong? I don't think so. He's going to get so many other graduation cards that aren't his school colors so I think this one will squeak by!!!

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Sara Paschal said...

Wanda, I love how you used this. great job!

Mary said...

Wanda, your day sounds alike like mine! Glad to see that it happens to experience stampers too! I may have to get that set, one you could use over and over many times.