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Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Sheet Wonder Technique

Yes, this One Sheet Wonder is actually a technique. I had seen it done MANY years ago and it is still popular. Well, most of the techniques are still popular they just don't get used a lot.

For this technique you pick your images and stamp them all over an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of card stock. Add the colors you like and cover the entire page. It kind of looks like a big old mess but when it's cut and used on your cards or projects it really is very pretty.

You can plan out the page if you like to see what size pieces you want out of it or you can just cut and use it as you go. That is what I do. I have no idea what I want for a card until I'm ready to sit down and make it so cutting it like you would the decorative paper is the easiest way to go.

I cut pieces off mine and made a couple of cards last week. I will hang on to what is left of the sheet and use it for future cards. Probably near future cards, I still have more birthday cards to make!! I'm SO far behind on my cards this month! And don't tell hubby but I'm a month and a half behind on the bookkeeping too!!! Shhhhh. I HATE bookkeeping as much as I hate putting my stamping stuff away before moving on to another project!!! LOL

Have fun with these One Sheet Wonders. They make very nice background papers and a sheet can go a long way depending on how big the pieces are you use!

This will be added to the 4th set of Technique pages. Can you believe I got two pages done in less than 7 days? Shocker, huh???

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