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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Father's Day for a Friend

Here is a card I made for a VERY wonderful man. He's the guy who has been doing handyman work in my home for the past few months. He's such a nice guy. He's the kind of person you'd like to have for your dad. He's such a sweet heart! I will be sad when all the projects are completed here, I will miss him!!! I'm sure I'll see him at some events my sister has. I met him through her. Here is how he is "related" to her. It is her husband's brother's wife's sister's father-in-law!!! And now my friend!!!

He's such a calm mellow person and I thought this card would reflect that in him. I wish the water coming off the mill would have turned out bluer but that is what you get when you color in the browns first!!! If I had used watercolor paper I may have been able to tone the brown there down some but since I didn't I had to be careful not to work an area too long or the paper starts to thin and sluff off. Once that happens there is nothing you can do to fix it. You either have to leave that area alone or start a new card. Fortunately I didn't work an area too much for that to happen but I did try to get that water a bit bluer but it didn't work. Only I know that it is suppose to be lighter (well, now you all do too!!!). LOL

I am getting a website open to sell some of my stamps. This one is going to be listed. I have TOO many stamps and I have even more I'd like to purchase. But with no room to add more I must sell the ones I don't use very often. I took this one out to test the rubber to make sure it is still in good condition. As you can tell by the detail in the picture (click on the card for a closer view) the detail is very vivid. After I cleaned the stamp I did spray it with the Stampin' Up! Stamp Mist. It has a fabulous rubber conditioner in it. I use it on ALL of my stamps to keep the rubber from drying out. I great little investment and it doesn't cost much at all, plus the bottle lasts a long time. And it comes with a built-in bonus, it smells SO wonderful!!! As soon as the store is up and running (it's in the process of being established as I type this up) I will let you know so you can go shopping.

Ok, back to my card. I used a blender pen to color in the areas of this card. For the main part of the card I used Ballet Blue card stock and the Stampin' Up! "Flannel Plaid" background stamp and Ballet Blue ink. I used my computer to do the wording and I layered it with a punched circle and a scallop. I added 3 black brads because that side looked like it needed just a little something and once again being it is for a male bows and buttons didn't quite fit the bill!!!! LOL

I like how it turned out, except for that waterfalls part.

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Thank you SO much for stopping by,


StampinCathy said...

This is just beautiful. Your handyman will be touched I'm sure.

LeAnne said...

This is a beautiful card! I think the coloring is fine, and that's what I like to do most!
PS, my feed came through okay; I hate stuff like that, don't you? I am such a dummy at computer stuff.

Unknown said...

How wonderful to get a handyman and find a friend also. Great card. Let us know when you get your site up for the stamps.

Unknown said...

He is going to enjoy this card as much as you are going to enjoy your new kitchen. This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

This card is just gorgeous! I love how you colored it - it's so lifelike! I wonder if adding a touch of blue stickles to the water here and there might bring out that blue color? I however, like the card just as it is! What a sweet gesture on your part to make something like this for your friend - he'll love it! TFS

Anonymous said...

hi, id like to buy that stamp. (lisa)

Loved the card

Anonymous said...

This is just like a photograph. I wouldn't change a thing. Lovely.

Wendy G

Debby said...

Awesome job! I am sure he is going to love this. Love your coloring in on it to it is perfect.
Angel hugs