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Monday, June 16, 2008

Faux Cloisonne Technique

Here is a page I made for my 6 x 6 Technique Book. I wish I would make a page each time I do a technique. I think about doing them. I add it to the list of things to do but don't make them as often as I would like.

If you click here you can see the card I had made using this technique. It's a very fun and simple technique. Just make sure you use old catalogs. Even with old ones I tend to "shop" around a bit too much too. I thought an old catalog wouldn't grab my attention as much as a newer one would but NOT true!! LOL Anyway for the card I looked for red pages and for the page I had looked for white pages. The design inside the flowers is from a ruffled bedspread. Just click on the page and you can get a much larger view of it. You will see the ruffles in the photo much better too. On the card I had made if you click that picture you will get a larger view too. You may even see that for the leaves my greens came from Christmas trees (complete with little white lights!!!). It's a very fun technique and you can get some pretty cool effects using it on your cards!!!

I'm not sure if you can read my instructions from the photo so I will add them here:

Page through some old magazines or catalogs and find a color you would like to use. Here I picked white so I looked for items in white. I stamped on the white area with Versa Mark and then sprinkled and heated up the embossing powder. When I was done I cut out the flowers and used several of them in a grouping on a card.

It's pretty simple. A bit time consuming with all the cutting but SO worth it!!

These pages are great to have for future reference. I'd like to have my book contain a lot more pages so my stampers can get more benefit from them. But it's coming along, slowly but surely!!!

This card was made entirely of Stampin' Up! products. To view more items made entirely of Stampin' Up! products click here.

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Unknown said...

Amazing what you can do if you just know the right steps. I was wondering if you could tell us more about your "6 x 6 Technique Book". Sound interesting. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...

Very pretty, I love this technique.

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice! AND beautiful. I wish I could have ALL your technique pages ----right now--- in my hands! Keep it up!

Diane Gilbert said...

Your Technique book is an awesome idea. I have heard of it before, but never actually seen a page. I love this flower, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool Wanda! I really love your red poinsetta card as well! Nice Job!