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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!!

Before I tell you who won the blog candy I have to tell you the story about this little bird.

I was walking by our HUGE pine tree on the way to the mail box and I heard a noise. It sounded like a bit of a ruckus going on in there. Coming back from the mail box I saw something fall from the tree. I look and there was this tiny little bird. And a second later another one. I wondered if I had startled the birds walking by and they fell out of their nest. SO I got out the ladder and I was going to put them back in the nest. I could see the nest but I needed the ladder to reach it. Two things here. One I'm afraid to climb past the third step on a ladder and two our ladder is a million years old and rickety. Nice!!!

Anyway, I pick up one of the little birds. Oh my do they ever have a HUGE pair of lungs. That little thing chirped SO loud I had to look in my hand to make sure it really came from there. Oh and when I looked in my hand I saw all of these tiny little (size of a grain of salt) dark dot moving on my skin. EWWWW.

I got on the ladder with the little bird in hand and put it back in the nest. Meanwhile the daddy bird is not liking this and he's swooping at me. So if I was to take a tumble off the ladder I don't know if I would blame me or the daddy bird!!! LOL I now have the second bird in hand and up the ladder I go. I put it in the empty nest. Empty?? What happened to the one I just put back? It's back on the ground. SO I pick it up again and up the ladder I go. They didn't want to stay in the nest so I put the ladder away and just watched them for a bit.

Now the mother bird is there keeping her eye on one of the babies and the daddy bird is watching the one in the street. I did intervene on that one. NO playing in the streets!!! I picked it up, bugs and all (another EWWW) and put it back in my lawn under the shade of the maple tree. This time the baby was so use to me it didn't chirp. I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. I think they should be afraid of people. But as many times as I handled the little bugger it was no longer afraid of me. I got my camera out and took a few photos before I let them go off to face the world. I couldn't believe how ugly the actually were. There were no tail feathers so how could a baby fly??? And I could see the ear holes on the side of head, either the feathers weren't thick enough or this little bird had premature balding!!! LOL Later in the day I saw the daddy bird in the neighbors yard. I suppose he was following one of the babies. And the mother bird was a few houses down the street in the other direction. It was an interesting day and it was the first time I'd ever seen (or held) baby cardinals!

Some of you know your birds and got it right. If I had to guess from that photo it would be just that, a guess. It's kind of cute with the big eyes and all but would be cuter with more feathers. Did you ever notice that most baby creatures are SO cute except for fish??? LOL See how this warped mind wanders??? LOL Feel sorrier for my husband!!! LOL

So the winner of the blog candy was done using the random number generator found on the right side bar. And the winner is Claudia. Here is her guess: "I think it is a baby Blue Jay because of the crest forming on it's head. Plus it is in a pine tree, where they usually nest. And thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy!"

Claudia please email me with your snail mail address or you can leave it on a comment to me that I won't publish. I will get the package out to you soon.

Thank you all for playing along. It was a LOT of fun!! I will be working hard on getting more technique pages done so I can offer a technique pages book when the blog gets to 500,000 hits. It will happen before I know it!! And thank you for your patience with my late posting of this. I also want to thank you for the prayers. I saw my mother-in-law again today. It's SO sad. She has always been a good mother-in-law to me. She always treated me as one of the family and she has always loved me! She's a wonderful and remarkable woman.

Happy Stamping!

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Anonymous said...

Your story of the baby cardinals reminds me of an event several years ago. We had a nest in our orange tree that had just 1 baby in it, and one day we found the baby on the ground. Because of cats in the area, we put the baby back in the nest, and immediately found it on the ground again. I think it was learning to fly, and after several attempts quit trying to get it back in the nest. We finally named it "Dodo" because if it didn't stay in the nest, it was going to become extinct!