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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Thing it was Free!

I had gotten an offer in my email from Snap Fish. They are an online photo processing center. The offer was for 50 free prints. It wasn't totally free, I did have to pay around $3 for shipping. But still not a bad deal for 50 prints! And for me it sure was easy to gather up 50 pictures to have printed. I found some pictures of flowers I had taken a few weeks ago and I especially wanted the lilac one since I took the picture just for a card like this. I had the flowers offset so I could stamp words on the other side. And as many of you know it's not easy to stamp words on glossy paper. I actually planned for me to make mistakes with the stamping because I've done it before. SO I ordered two of that photo. I ruined both of them. I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought I did!! LOL

Now on to plan B. I located the photo on my computer (not easy to do, my desktop is as messy as my worktable!!!). I printed it out on glossy photo paper that I had gotten (get this) at the dollar store!!! And they were almost as good as the ones from Snap Fish.

The first photo is the one I printed out and the other one is the one I ruined with the stamp. The snap fish one is a bit more pink than the one I printed plus their photo paper is a bit more glossier than mine. I'm going to have to send in the image to Snap Fish again and have then print a couple dozen so I can get at least 6 good cards!!! LOL And they only charge 9 cents per picture! Not a bad deal and their service was pretty quick too!

And after I finish up those flower photo cards I'll just stick to rubber stamps and card stock!! LOL

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Amy said...

That was a fun story. Great photo. Lilacs are absolutely my favorite and I want to plant them in my backyard. The recipienct will be lucky to get that card! :)

Michelle said...

The photo is very pretty and I'm glad to hear feedback from someone who has used Snap Fish. I've been curious myself on how well they would do. Thanks for sharing.

kat said...

I don't see what's wrong with the Snap Fish photo card; enlighten us, please. Where is the boo-boo? Maybe the flower is just so gorgeous that I'm overlooking it!

Unknown said...

You never know if something will work out till you try it. We really appreciate all that you try to do and share with us. Love the pic of the lilacs.

Anonymous said...

live and learn I always say, but this card is a gem! What a perfect way to send flowers from your garden through the mail! Lovely design!

Unknown said...

Wanda this is a beautiful idea. Our bush only bloomed for about a week this year you have a great photo of the beauty forever.

Very nice technique!

Anonymous said...

I have used snapfish for many years...and I love the super fast service...the cards you made are beautiful...I have never tried that kind of project before...and I'm sure that I could mess it up better than you think you did...LOL...thanks for sharing the great story.

Stampin' HUGS

Pat said...

Hhi Wanda,

I just wanted to let you know that I printed a photo on white cardstock with my printed and I was really impressed with the way it turned out. I didn't have to worry about stamping on the glossy photo paper. Here is the link to my photo card: