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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Project! Business Card Holder

It's not just for business cards, it has a bit of depth to it so you could add some candies or even put the gum back in the package!!! I saw the tutorial for this on Michelle's blog "Michelle's Rubber Room." It's pretty simple to make too.

First you do need an package of Orbit gum. I just happened to have a package of it. I saw it on one of the shelves in my workroom. It was opened so I didn't feel too guilty about taking the box! I took a piece of gum out and thought I'd chew some while I was working on this project. Well, apparently I bought that gum a LONG time ago because after just a couple minutes of chewing it the gum got very tough and m jaw became extremely tired. Hmmm, must be old gum. SO I did have to toss it out. Now the box is my template!! And for my box it will be a business card holder!!! Not much left to decide there now was there? LOL

In Michelle's instructions she tells you to trace the box onto a piece of firm but not too thick cardboard. She recommended the "stuff" that comes on the back of the Stampin' Up! decorative papers. The REALLY nice white think cardboard. Well, don't you have to use up a package of papers to get to that cardboard???? LOL SO I got this piece of cardboard and I traced my pattern to it. Tape some decorative paper to the other side of the cardboard. I forgot that step and cut out my cardboard piece. SO I had to tape the paper on and then cut that out too. UGH!!! Once you have your pattern cut out you score the lines the way they are scored on the box.

To adhere the box together she recommends you use the sticky strip tape. You do need something strong to hold the box together. Once you get the box taped together you can decorate it as you like. She even suggested putting in some holes on the top and making it into a purse.

The flap closes with Velcro dots. Add your business cards and you're done!!

Pretty simple and just TOO cute!!

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Michele Kovack said...

What a cute idea! You are too funny with that "old" gum! : )

Anonymous said...

Wanda: This is ADORABLE! It's amazing what you can find in your craft room that is NOT meant for crafting-and like magic-we turn it into a piece of ART! GREAT JOB! And THANKS for sharing the site. Your work is AMAZING-and I enjoy visiting every day. Kadie