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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rocket to the Stars!

When "superimposing" stamped objects to your photos you want to make sure the image blends in well and is as real looking as possible!!! It didn't happen here!!! LOL Click on the photo to have a closer view! But be aware that the closer you look the less the rocket ship looks real!!! LOL!

Here is how I came upon this idea. (Sorry to let you know how this strange little mind works!!!) I had opened an email and it contained a slideshow of space shuttle and outer space pictures. Now in the last wonderful (NOT) update from Microsoft, I can no longer access my slide viewer on my XP computer. But that's ok it makes it easier to remove those photos I want from a slideshow. There was also another part of the update I don't care much for either and that is the search part. I click on search and my cute little wizard guy would come up. Now as default (I HATE it) a different search screen comes up but at the bottom of it I can access the old search. WHY?? Does Microsoft like messing with us??? We can save that discussion for another time!!! And my poor laptop is on it's last legs. The fan is starting to make even worse noises. I had purchased it several years ago. I had it for a couple of weeks and all of a sudden the fan started making a horrible noise. I called Toshiba and they told me they couldn't do a thing about it until it failed. Can you believe that??? They sell us defective merchandise and won't do a thing about it until it fails. I use to purchase Toshiba with every laptop I replace but no more. DH bought a HP and likes it except for the Windows VISTA! I have yet to find anyone that likes VISTA.

Anyway, back to this card. I had printed out the photo onto glossy photo paper. Once the ink dried I took the rocket from the Stampin' Up! "Pun Fun" set and stamped the image on watercolor paper and colored it in with markers. I added the jumbo eyelet to make it look more like a window in the rocket. I set it in place on the photo where the space shuttle was and there you have it. A stamped image "superimposed" on a photo!!!

It makes for a fun card, doesn't it?

I think the photo is a NASA file photo, though there was a website after the NASA wording but it showed the domain name is for sale. Which means that the original owner of the website (if there was one) no longer owns it and it's up for sale. I did try to give credit here for the photo.

Have fun with your photos too. Stamping isn't limited to just card stock and decorative papers! Keeping it fun (even if you're the only one enjoying it) is what it's all about, don't you agree???

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Melissa said...

Super fun Wanda!

Many Blessings,

Susie said...

Fun idea. I've been taking lots of photos of my flowers and wanting to make cards with them.

Anonymous said...

I never would have thought to combine a photo with a stamped image! Great idea, great card! Some little ones will love getting a card like this!

Unknown said...

LOL, this is cute!