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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Color is Your Feather? Tutorial

I always laugh when I see feathers. When our son was little and had supervised baths we'd tell him to make sure he washed his armpits. He didn't understand the word so we started to tell him to wash his feathers. And as he got a bit older we'd always ask him if he remembered to wash his feathers!! LOL And to this day he still remembers where his feathers "were!" LOL I don't remember why it was feathers but I guess it didn't matter, at least we got the message across to him and he had clean pits!!! LOL You really needed to know that didn't you? And I know our son won't care that I told the world because he doesn't read my blog. Maybe he should start!!! LOL

Ok, onto the tutorial. When adding some 3D items to your cards or scrapbook pages you like to have things match. That is one of many reasons why I like Stampin' Up! products. Before I ever became a demonstrator I had their inks, papers, markers, chalks, etc. Because EVERYTHING matched!! That is VERY important to me.

I am working on a card and realized I wanted to add just a touch of unique 3D. A feather is pretty unique. I suppose I could go out and buy a package of colored feathers and hope that I get a match to the ink I'm using OR I could just color one myself and have an exact match. I had a package of white feathers which are great to have because now I can make them any color I want.

Here is what you need:
A feather
Ink pad

Ink up your sponge. While holding the feather down set it on the feather and sponge towards the tip. Repeat until you reach the desired darkness of color. It doesn't take long to do and the results are great.

Now you have a feather to match the project you are working on. The next post I will show you what I did with the feather.
This is a quick and easy technique and can be used for LOTS of projects and cards.

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Jeanne said...

Your story about the feathers made me smile. I never would have come up with something so neat.

I also never would have thought to color actual feathers, either.

See, another reason to read your blog! Love it!

Pat S. said...

Oh, that poor warped little boy!

I'm glad you told us you bought the feathers. I could just see you stalking some poor little bird :)