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Monday, January 07, 2008

Takin' Care of Business!

Here is a card I made for the "business" side of stamping. I use to work in a real estate office and the agents would order Forget-Me-Not flower seed packets and put their business card labels on the backs of them. Or should I say, they'd have "us" office workers do it for them. It's designed to get their name out there and to hopefully generate business. SO I got to thinking. Why can't this work for stamping?? Personally I just like the idea of sending out flower seeds. I have made several other cards that hold flower seeds.

This one is very simple to make too. I printed out the poem onto white card stock and then cut it to fit. I needed the width to be 4" and the length I had to work with because of the length of the poem. With this poem the white card stock length is 8-1/2". I folded it at 3-1/2" and added a thin line of glue to the sides. Before gluing I wheeled on the flowers from Stampin' Up! The whee is called "Fast Flowers." I used the flower punch in the "Three for You" kit. I sponged the edges and then punched out 3 little dots to put in the center of the flowers. I sponged all the edges and then glued the sides. I taped the pocket to the background and inserted the flower seeds.

Be sure to put your business label on the back of the flower seeds. The company I ordered them from is Sanzo. They will sell them to you either way, blank on the back or you can order them with your business information printed on each packet. It's all in what you want or need. The page to the seed packets can be found by clicking here. What is nice about this is the blank ones are 25 cents per package and there is no minimum to order, so you can get as many as you need or want.

I think these would be a nice "Welcome to the Neighborhood" little gift too. Not just for demonstrators to give out but for everyone else. Just make a pocket card and insert the seeds. Be sure to write or add a label to the back of it with your name and address on it and welcome your new neighbor to the neighborhood. You can hang it on their door, hand it to them personally or mail it to them. Just a nice gesture for a new neighbor! I will add that card on the next post. So back to this card.

I'm adding the poem in the event you would like to use it for your customers.

Hello my Friend, it’s been a while
Since I’ve heard from you.
Just checking in to ask you if
there’s anything I can do.

You’ve has some time to view the book.
There’s so many things to see.
Please let me know if I can help you
place an order with me.

I’ve enclosed some flower seeds
To plant in the ground or a pot.
I want you to think of me
When blooms the Forget-Me-Not.
© 2008 Wanda Pettijohn

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Unknown said...

Very cute!

StampMom said...

Very cute idea, Wanda -- good job!

Stampin_Melissa said...

What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing the seed company info!