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Friday, January 18, 2008

Michael's Meets Archiver's

Yes, I was out shopping today. In the frigid temperatures we're having here. It really wasn't that bad. It's suppose to be 3 out there today!!! The sun was shining and the wind was pretty calm so it really wasn't that bad. I don't think I'd want to stand out there for a very long amount of time but to go from your car to the store and back to the car it's a piece of cake. Or should I say cupcake???? Boooo! I know!! I'll stick with stamping and leave the jokes to the professionals!!! LOL

Actually I shopped at Joann's too. I mean I was out there and the stores are fairly close to each other so why not? I was looking at some beads at Joann's. Nothing to write home about. They did have their papers on sale and I did pick up one 8" x 8" piece of embossed white card stock. Oh and a pair of Easter socks. They're SO cute!!! (For me!!!)

I headed on over to Archiver's. I finally got to use my free "Hot Spot" coupon. I didn't let this one expire. SO what did I get??? A stamp of course!! And I also picked up a piece of pink double sided decorative paper. I knew what I wanted to do with it the minute I saw it. And then at Michael's I had to get some brushed silver beads. SO that was the extent of my shopping. Kind of boring I know. But DH will be glad to here there's still money left this week!!! LOL

I had this adorable cupcake stamp that I had gotten at Michael's and with the new decorative paper I just had to make a Valentine's Day card. I know some of you are needing a break from the crafty things for a day or two. It does get to be a bit overwhelming when you want to make all the projects I show here. SO this will give you a little time to catch up!

Using decorative paper is a lot of fun and saves a lot of stamping time. All I had to stamp and color here was the cupcake. SO quick and simple even my DH could do this!!! (I hope he reads this!!!!!).

Now while I was at Archiver's looking at this beautiful double sided paper I started whining because it was $1.29 for just this one lonely sheet of paper. I mean it's just a piece of paper. A pretty expensive piece of paper. But it was pretty and I did want it so I got it. After I got home I was looking at the package of Stampin' Up! decorative paper I had sitting on my worktable. It's the new "Berry Bliss" one. There is a really pretty pink design in there and I got to thinking about the cost per piece. SO I did some math (I HATE math) and with Minnesota sales tax it came out to 98 cents per sheet. Ok, done whining about the prices at Archiver's. I know where to get good quality paper cheaper!!!

SO here is my card. SO quick and simple!!

Thank you for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

What a cute card, almost good enough to eat. Don't know if I want to go to the kitchen first or my craft room.

Unknown said...

I like your card, nice job on the coloring once again. I got my hands on a catalog a couple of days ago, I love the "Berry Bliss" paper pack! Yummy!

Pat S. said...

Hi Wanda!
I was going to send you a screen shot of your counter setting on 250,000...
it wasn't quite there when I logged off last night...
first thing this morning it's already 500 over!!! Your readers must have trouble sleeping :)

I would recommend Hobby Lobby for great prices on paper. Regular price for 12 X 12 is 2/$1. And at least once a month it's on sale for 4/$1. And....their textured card stock is the same price...I haven't found any to beat that!

Melissa said...

So cute!!

Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

I love the color pink and how you used it on this card! Very very nice:) Love the crisp lines with the cute image. TFS

Gweniebee said...

LOVE this card Wanda. As you said, it's so hard to keep up with your ideas, so I've started a notebook with just things from "Wanda's Creative Corner". Eventually, I hope to get more of them done.

Anonymous said...

TOO cute! A great way to use new DP or scraps of old favorites and will work with any stamp set. Love how the black really makes everything else pop! (all this talk about Hobby Lobby makes me sad; hope we get one here (SW PA) soon!) Susan :-)