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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shameless Casing!!!

Back at it once again. LOL Have you ever seen such a wonderful card that just caught your eye and you just HAD to have it? Short of hunting the person down and begging them to mail it to you, you decide to copy it. Or case it as it's commonly referred to. CASE is the acronym for Copy and Study or Steal Everything. Now since I am giving credit (which I highly recommend you do) to the person and place where you cased the item from.

For this card I used River Rock card stock and stamped the small flower image using River Rock ink. I then cut a strip of Ginger Blossom decorative paper and taped it in place on top of a piece of Rose Red Card stock. I wrapped and tied a piece of Groovy Guava ribbon around it and tied a knot. I stamped the words at the bottom and colored in the word "Friend" with my blender pen and the Purely Pomegranate ink pad. I colored in the two flowers with the Groovy Guava ink pad and blender pen.

For the flower I stamped the image on Purely Pomegranate card stock using the Purely Pomegranate ink pad. I cut it out and then stamped the image again on Rose Red card stock and cut out the inside layer. I stamped the image one more time on Groovy Guava card stock and cut the center out. I took a small hole punch and punched out 12 pieces of Groovy Guava. I glued the dots in place on top of the Rose Red card stock over the stamped images. I then taped that piece in place on top of the Purely Pomegranate flower. I taped the center circle piece in place after coloring in the center flower. I was going to cut it out of card stock but by then I was tired of cutting and I wasn't sure how many layers the brad could handle. Not that it really mattered because I can always cut the prongs off the brad and set it in place with Crystal Effects. I added the brad and taped the flower in place.

All in all it was a pretty simple card to make. A bit of cutting but that's pretty simple. Sorry for the delay in getting this post out tonight. I got it all typed up and my computer must have been running something in the background because it made it seem like the mouse was stuck. When it finally realized what it was doing it took me to my previous window and of course my work wasn't backed up. SO I had to retype everything. Don't you just LOVE having to do that?? LOL Oh well. It's now done and as soon as I hit "Publish" you can finally see it!

This card was cased from Josee at Stamping
She's got some cute cards on her site. Sorry I forgot to add this to my post. In all the frustration with the silly computer I totally forgot. SO sorry about that Josee.

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


janet said...

I love this color combo...I never would have thought of's striking!

Anonymous said...

I love that card and will also CASE it. Thanks for giving the definition of CASE. I wondered what it meant.

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

Daisydaze said...

Great the layout and the layered flower. Thank you for the directions.

Pat S. said...

Simply stunning!
I love layering pieces like you did...and those are such vivid!

That's a great tip about cutting the prongs off the brads...I'm going to start doing that.

I have heard several definition of CASE, one being: copy and share everything :)

Enjoy your day!

Corie said...

This is gorgeous, CASE or not. I love it!!!

dasimonds said...

Nicely Done!!
Beautiful colors..
lots of cutting..but the end results are worth it.
Thanks for sharing.

Bella Rose Creations said...

Soo pretty...but who's card did you case? Inquiring minds wanna know...and go to their blog *grin*

Sue Reynolds said...

Who did you case the card from? Your blog does not say...... Did you forgt to retype that? or am I just plain blind?

Kelly said...

Nice job at "casing"! LOL
I really like this card too! Hmmm.. can I case you? Hee-hee

twinks said...

I see that you mentioned having trouble with this post the first time around so I thought I would mention that I think you are missing a sentence of two after these sentences:

"CASE is the acronym for Copy and Study or Steal Everything. Now since I am giving credit (which I highly recommend you do) to the person and place where you cased the item from."

I do not see any reference to the person and place in this post and would be interested in seeing the link.