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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cute Little Sucker!!!

The title is pretty interesting, isn't it? I bet it got your attention too!!

I was shopping at Michael's today and saw these most adorable little suckers. At the widest part it's only just a bit over 1-1/4". Isn't that tiny. And then there's the plastic stick. With the stick (as it was when I purchased it) measured almost 11" in length. A bit excessive!!! I'm trying to understand why you would want a sucker that long. I suppose if you were going to put them in a vase, maybe??? Anyway, I cut it down to fit with the card.

This is a very simple card to make. So when I sit down to whip out a TON of them I will be able to do it quickly. I was thinking about adding some white craft ink background on the black but I decided to leave it solid and keep it very simple. You can add what you like on yours.

This card is cut the long way on the cutter. Cut it at 4-1/4" and fold it in half. Then cut off the top of the card are 2-3/4". If you don't want to cut it you can fold it inward and secure it. I cut the watercolor paper the same size as the wood on the stamp. I added a 1/4" layer of black to that and then another 1/4" layer of red. I punched out a red tab, folded it and taped it on the red layer piece. I taped down the black layer and after coloring and placing the sucker I taped it all in place. I added a non-Stampin' Up! heart brad to the corner. It just needed a little something there.

A little more info on the sucker. The original wrapper was too long so I had to remove it and wrap the sucker in cellophane. I took a small piece of cellophane and snipped a small hole in the center. I inserted the stick and wrapped the cellophane around the sucker and tied it at the top. Once I got the sucker on the card I trimmed the cellophane a bit more and the stick a bit more to. I just thought this sucker was SO cute and knew it would fit this stamp perfectly!!!

I'm off to work on a baby blanket. I am making them for an organization that distributes them to newborns in need. You can knit or crochet them. I started out crochetting but gave up after about an hour and a half of it. The poor little baby would be graduating high school before I would get the blanket done. SO I dug out the knitting machine and I've now made 5. Well, almost 5. I have to finish the edges of the one I knitted this afternoon and I will have 5. I have a friend who told me about this organization and she crochets the blankets. She said she doesn't have the time to crochet the blanket part and offered to finish the edges when I get one done on the machine. Such a deal!!! I HATE finishing the edges. SO between the two of us we'll be able to get a lot of blankets done this month!!! I have SO much yarn in bins to use up and this is the most perfect way to do it!!! I use to knit my own sweaters but it's SO much cheaper to buy them than it is to make them. I will make afghans once in a while but my family all has them now so I put the machine away. But now it's out and there's going to be some warm babies out there!!! It makes me happy! I'll take a picture of them when I get the ones back from my friend and I'll share it with you.

Have fun making the cards!!!

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Denise said...

Very cute...maybe I'll do something like that for my kindergarten class. I need 37 of something quick, easy and cute!

tyrymom29 said...

very cute!!!

Jeanne said...

Dang, I KNEW I should have stopped in at Michaels when I was out last night. LOL Seriously, though, I truly enjoy your blog and only wish I had an inkling of all the creative ideas you come up with!

The blanket project sounds really interesting. What a great person you must be to contribute in such a wonderful, comforting way.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wonderful idea!

Daisydaze said...

That's a really cute card; and, thank you for the directions. I am sure your blankets will be greatly appreciated, and they are a very worthy cause.

Unknown said...

Would you share the name of the orgaization that is collecting for the baby blankets with me. My sister just retired and is looking for something to do this would be right up her ally. Thanks

Anonymous said...

this is so cute! You are such a clever crafter to create something so adorable around a lollipop! I'm always amazed with your ideas and thanks for sharing them with your readers! Well done!!!

Dorothy said...

So cute, Wanda. I have seen those really long lollypops and also wondered why so long. Great idea to just cut it down!
Thanks for sharing.

Pat S. said...

The little sucker really is too stinking cute!

And that's a very nice contribution you are making with the baby blankets. There is a similar program here...but I am all thumbs when it comes to yarn :(

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is adorable. I have a kids class coming up and this will be perfect. I'm going to have to go looking for those lollipops!