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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Polishing Up the Polished Stone Technique

I have no idea what to call this technique. It is a form of the non-metallic polished stone. There is no need to spray the card stock when you are done. Once it's dry it's ready to go.

For this technique you will need the following items:

Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Color Spritzer Tool
Glossy white card stock

For this specific sample I used Pretty in Pink and Regal Rose inkers and the Real Red marker.

Set a piece of glossy card stock on your work surface. I cut my card stock 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". This way it allows me to cut away some edges and there are usually edges that don't get enough ink and sometimes as the paper curls some edges get too much.

With your card stock in front of you, wet your cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol. You want the cotton ball to be VERY wet. You should be able to feel it on your fingers, almost to the point to where it will be running down your arm.

Take your inkers and add color. I attached a photo because I myself often wonder what they mean by adding the ink. Is it mixed together, is it separate on the surface of the cotton ball? Is it allowed to touch the other color? Yes, it is ok for the colors to touch and it is ok for them not to touch too. You just don't want to add them on top of each other.

Once your inkers are on the very wet cotton ball begin dabbing the cotton ball all over your card stock. In the photo I stopped half way through to show you how I was doing it. I continued to cover the entire piece of card stock. If there was an area I thought needed a bit more color I went back over it. You want to do this fairly quickly but not to the point to where you feel stressed. Just cover the piece, set the cotton ball down and pick up the Spritzer Tool and poof some red splatter onto the wet card stock. Because the card stock is so wet the dots of ink will bleed.

This is the effect you want. If you like you can spritz again after the alcohol as absorbed and evaporated a bit more. This will give you both the bleeding dots and the defined solid dots. I like the bleeding dots, it adds a bright color to the non-metallic polished stone and it defines the background a bit more.

You will want to set your card stock on a protected flat weighted surface to dry. If you leave it on your work surface to dry it will curl some. You can pin it down very near the edges and use your heat tool to dry it. This may be something you will want to do if you are planning on using the piece soon.

You can stamp directly onto the card stock or you can use it as a background. Here again is the finished card.

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Jana Weaver said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I would never have thought of using the spritzer tool after polished stone! Great idea!!

Nikki Bond said...

Great tutorial! You explained it beautifully....i'll make sure to save it in my files! Love your card too! {SMILES}

dasimonds said...

Your card turned out so the BG.
Thanks for the tutorial..
I will give it a try.

Unknown said...

More glossy card stock in being added to my list of supplies. This is simply wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Very Cool!

And OMGoodness - look at you - top 39!!!!! (And you just wanted top 50 for at least a day!!) That's awesome. Obviously there are LOTS of us who love your blog!

Pandessa said...

Love the card, great colors!