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Saturday, March 07, 2020

Thoughtful Blooms, Itty Bitty Greetings, Mother's Day Card, 2020 Stampin' Up! Sale-a-Bration

You won't be sitting long at your work space with this card.  Especially if you use some parts that were just sitting around. This is a very quick and fairly easy card to make.  I say fairly easy because the lines can be a bit tricky.  But I will help you through this.

The base of the card, actually the whole card is a folded half-sheet of Whisper White card stock.

I took a gift card and I centered it on the front of the card base.  I lightly traced around it with a pencil.  You don't need to trace around the whole gift card, just the bottom will be enough.

Using that bottom line, I stamped the words from the "Itty Bitty Greetings" set with black Memento ink.  

I had the flower sitting on my worktable because I tend to stamp and punch a few extra because I often lose them or get something on them.  Sometimes I even find them on my sleeve when I think they just disappeared into thin air.  So I will start where most of you will be starting. Find a fun color of ink, grab one of your favorites.  Here I used Flirty Flamingo.  Stamp the flower from the "Thoughtful Blooms" set onto a scrap piece of Whisper White card stock.

Add a Dimensional to the back of the flower.

Check the words on your card and make sure they are dry before you set the gift card back on top.

Now trace around the gift card using the Basic Black marker.  Not a Blends Pen. You want the marker.  Here's where I had trouble but I will spare you this anguish.  I needed to go all around the whole gift card (except for the bottom part) but I had to figure out a way to do it without stopping. So I held the gift card at the bottom and began (I'm right handed) on the left side of my left hand and then traced all the way around the card to the bottom, ending with the pen line by the right side of my left hand. I held the gift card in place with just my three fingers.  No pinky extended or it will get in your way.  I tried this three times and the third time got it right.  If you stop with your pen it will be noticeable.  But it wasn't until after I saw the finished card that I realized I didn't need to hold the gift card like that.  I could trace from the left side to the upper left corner.  The flower will hide any dot that the pen will make from stopping.  And I could reposition my hand to do the other sides.  A big DUH was heard in my workroom.  I would not have ruined the other two if I had giving this a bit more thought.  And as I look at the card, I do like the black but maybe green might be pretty too.

I waited a few minutes before I erased any pencil lines.  I wanted to make sure all the ink and marker lines were dry. I didn't want another mess.  SO (are you sitting?) I put away my stamp sets, inks and clear blocks!  Yup, you read that right. I actually put something away!! LOL

Your next step will be to add the leaves. I used Granny Apple Green.  I set the flower on the corner so I could see where I wanted the leaves to go. I inked up the stamp, moved the flower and then stamped the leaves.  I did the same for the single leaf. 

Then I removed the paper from the back of the Dimensional on my flower and I set the flower in place. 

I added a small pearl to the center of the flower and the card was done.  

Sweet and simple, easy (now that you know the trick to the lines) and fun!!  I like this layout (now) and I think it will be fun for birthdays, thinking of you, get well and thank you cards.  Can you see a Seaside Spray snowflake in the corner, with Seaside Spray lines and a holiday greeting at the bottom????  I'm thinking super quick and easy Christmas cards for December!!!  

Now go make one or a dozen!!

Thank you SO much for taking your time to stop by today,


PJ said...

Omgosh, This is fabulous. Love the simplicity. I will be following your blog so I don't miss a card. ♥ Thank you for inspiring another stamping gal ♥

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

It's a really lovely card! Very delicate and feminine! So glad you explained how you made the black lines. I might just have to try it on a piece of scrap paper.