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Friday, March 13, 2020

Perennial Birthday, Sesame Street via USPS, Children's Birthday Card

Today you get a bonus post.  My regular daily post will follow this one.  

This was a fun card to make because it is mostly recycled garbage!

The base of the card is a folded half-sheet of Whisper White card stock.  

The polka dot paper on the left is actually the flap from an envelope.  From the envelope of a birthday card I received in January.  I try to keep up on not hanging on to garbage, but the envelop flap was SO darn cute that I just couldn't put it in recycling yet.  I trimmed the envelop flap to 5-1/4" x and it measured 2-1/2" wide and I just left that.  I wasn't sure how big I needed it to be after trimming the next part, so I just left it.

Don't you just love the Sesame Street gang?  It's from the United States Post Office.  I bought a sheet of Sesame Street postage stamps.  The regular first class ones and this is the part on the sheet that you just toss out when you use up all the stamps. Or in my case, you cut the stamps from the entire sheet so they fit in the little photo case that I keep my stamps and return address labels in.  I trimmed the left side a little because I didn't cut it from the stamps, I ripped it.  But I didn't rip it too much, there was plenty of room left by Big Bird's foot.  I taped the Sesame Street image in place on the card, lining up the right side with the edge of the card.  I did trim that piece to measure 5-1/4" long and it ended up being 2-3/4" wide.  

The words are from the "Perennial Birthday" set.  I had stamped them some other time.  They were laying around on my worktable.  I was too lazy to get out the oval dies, so I punched the words with an oval punch and a scalloped oval punch for the Daffodil Delight layer.  But if you are going to try this, you can use what you have.  And the same with the envelope flap.  You can find some fun papers in your stash that will work.  The gang is full of fun colors so almost anything will compliment it.  I taped the ovals together and then I set them in place using Dimensionals.

This was a simple card to make because there was very little work involved.  Had I not found the words on my worktable I would have just had to stamp them and then do the layers the same.  Now I want to go to the post office and get another sheet of stamps!!!  I have some other polka dot paper that I'm sure will be just as cute.  But the whole point of this card was to use the recycled items to make a card.  And come to think of it, I don't believe you can recycle the Sesame Street image, it's shiny.  There's some restrictions to paper products that can and can't be recycled.  Anyway, I upcycled these materials and produced an adorable children's card!!!

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