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Monday, October 02, 2017

Snowflake Sentiments, Hearts Come Home, Peek a Boo Flip Card Technique

I spent some time in my workroom trying to find a good Peek a Boo card.  I thought found one and when put it together I could see the edge of the one piece through the window.  Totally NOT acceptable, so I had to search again.  This was the second one I found. The orientation was different than the other card plus this one had 3 pieces while the other one had 2.  But this one, when closed, didn't show that edge.  SO I ran with this one.  

I found the instructions on You Tube.  You can view them here.  They are very easy to follow. There's just one important thing you need to know.  Looking at the top of my card, notice that there isn't as much distance between the top as there is on the side of the circle?  That is where you get in trouble with that paper edge showing. You need to move your punch over just enough or you catch that edge.  The instructions show to turn the piece over, that is where I liked up my punch with the edge and I made my circle.  Other than that, the rest of the card was pretty easy to do.  Well, that part was easy to do but when I made my first one, I had my circle on the side too close and I saw the edge of the card stock. It was me, not the instructions.

After finishing it, I thought it looked pretty cool until I realized that the wording should have been something more Santa like because of his image in the opening.  But it is what it is and it's done!!!  Chalk it up to experience and I know now how to make another one without any issues, right? 

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