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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Thinlits, Iridescent Sequins, Inker Misting Technique

I found a card on Pinterest that I just HAD to make, but as I was doing the sponging, it wasn't turning out the way the original card was.  You can see the original card here.  I wasn't getting the blend, I had distinct lines between my colors and it just wasn't working right.  SO, I thougth, "what if I use the mister bottles and spray on my color"?  It didn't turn out as dark as the original and it may have if I would have used more ink and less water? Maybe!  But I'm guessing that was the issue with mine.  Though I do like the softness of the colors so I decided to keep it and die cut the words.  Next time I will know to use more inker and less water.  But that is how we learn right, by making some mistakes.  Though I do like my mistake, so does that make it a mistake????

The base of my card is a folded half-sheet of Bermuda Bay.  On top of that is a 4" x 5-1/4" piece of Lemon Lime Twist.  And on top of that is a 3-3/4" x 5" piece of Whisper White that was textured using the "Falling Snow" embossing folder.  

Once I got the words from the "Happy Birthday" Thinlits die cut, I glued them in place.  I know, I hate gluing things like this just as much as you do, BUT I did figure out an easy way to do it.  It's a little messy but SO worth it to me.  I took one of the misting bottles and I filled it about half way with the "Fine-Tip Glue Pen" glue.  I sprayed the back of the letters and set them in place. Now because they were on a textured surface, they didn't want to stick very well, so I just put them under something heavy to set up.  It was about 10 minutes before I got back to them and they were stuck.  As simple as that.  While they were setting up, I took my mister and a small cup of water and stuck the "straw" part of the mister in the water to rinse out the piece.  I didn't want the nozzle to be clogged up the next time I come to use it.  Now I don't just plan to use this mister on only these words, I plan to use it on anything that I need to glue in place and don't want to use the "Fine-Tip Glue Pen" or glue and a toothpick.  This was SO much quicker than drawing over each letter with that wonderful time saving glue pen, but I saved even more time this way!  So there you have it, a technique and a great tip, all in one post!!!  Lucky you!!! LOL

When the glued piece was set, I taped it to the Lemon Lime Twist piece and then added Dimensionals to the back and set it in place on top of the card base.  I did use the "Fine-Tip Glue Pen" to add the sequins.  I have a feeling I will be buying another one of those glue pens soon!!

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