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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tasty Treats Specialty Paper, Avant-Garden, 2017 Sale a Bration, Birthday Card

I had seen a card made using this layout so I thought I would give it a try.  I don't remember where I saw it and I had only seen it once and I drew it up so I would remember how to make one myself.  It was a very interesting card to make. Precision is not my thing but once I got it put together, I realized that precision was not that important.  Ballpark works here, but you do have to keep it in the park!! LOL

If you are going to make this card, the first thing you need to do is take some Baker's Twine and wet it.  Then wrap it around a toothpick or something about that thick.  Take apart an ink pen and use the part where the ink is.  Set it aside to dry.

The base of my card is a folded piece of Whisper White card stock that was cut 4-1/4" x 11".  (Cut your card stock on the short side).  Then I cut the popsicle paper 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" and I taped it in place on top of the Whisper White base.  You can trim it some if you want to save on the decorative paper.  I just used the whole piece.  Then I cut the dotted green piece.  It's the backside of the popsicle paper. I marked my dotted paper on the left side first at 1-1/4".  I used a pencil to make a light mark.  Then I marked the bottom edge at 1-1/2" and then the left side was marked at 2".  I don't know if these are the measurements that were used on the original layout but it's what I ran with!!  Once I got my piece marked, I took out my cutter and lined up the bottom mark to the right edge mark and cut the angle.  I did the same for the left side. Then I took a piece of scrap card stock and cut it to 1/4".  Then I used that strip to mark my dotted paper on the edges so I could cut a 1/4" strip off.  I marked the left edge and then I marked 1/4" to the left of the point on the paper.  I marked the right edge at 1/4" and I marked the right side of the point of the paper at 1/4" and then I cut the "V".  I started on one side and cut towards the center point.  I didn't go all the way because I need to come in from the other side.  I did end up not quite meeting exactly in the center, so I used my scissors and snipped the rest of the way.  That was the only tricky and kind of nerve wracking part of the card. It's better to have to use the scissors than to cut too far and ruin the card.  Though I think if I would have cut too far, I would have cut off the other end and marked the edges all over again.  My piece as long enough on the top so I would have had room for error.  Once I got that part cut, I set it in place on the card to get a visual.  I marked and trimmed the top part and then I used Dimensionals to set those pieces in place. Don't be stingy with the Dimensionals.  You want that paper to stand up and not sag on the edges or center.

Next I punched out the 3 balloons.  I used Watermelon Wonder, Peekaboo Peach and Pool Party.  

The words are from the "Avant-Garden" set.  I used the oval Framelits to cut them out.  I used the scalloped oval framelit to cut out the layer behind them.  I set those in place with Dimensionals as well.  

I unwound the Baker's Twine and cut pieces off for the balloons.  I set the twine on the back of the balloon and covered it with 2 Dimensionals.  I repeated this for the other two balloons.  My thread wasn't quite dry so it didn't curl as much as I wanted it to. I die cut bows from the "Balloon Pop-up Thinlits Die" using Whisper White card stock.  I set them on the balloons using tiny glue dots.  And that was it!!

I don't know if I would ever make another card like this but I'm glad I gave the layout a try. I do like how it looks.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today,


Cheryl Hewak said...

Really like this card Wanda.

AndreaH said...

Love this card and I'm thankful I found you however I don't understand this bit 'Take apart an ink pen and use the part where the ink is. Set it aside to dry' where do we use the ink? I think I'm being pretty dumb today so I apologise if you thinking "what part does this girl not get' lol

Wanda said...

You don't use the ink Angie1966. You use that part to wind the twine around to get it to curl a nice size curl that will look good on the card. Sorry for any confusion. Wanda