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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Designer Tin of Cards,Timeless Textures, Valentine's Day Card

Yesterday I had made a card using the "Timeless Textures" on the background and when I was creating it, I was making two.  Not intentionally, I was using one as a test page to see if I liked where I was going with the images.  I did like each step I did and I ended up with two, though the one from yesterday had more red splatters on it.  Those were added after I was done setting the layers on to take a look.  You can get a quick view of yesterday's card here.  

So with the background all done, I was wondering what I should do with it.  SO I got out my heart dies and thought I would add one.  But when I set the die on the background I realized I needed a smaller heart.  Smaller hearts.  I thought about using Basic Black for the layers behind the heart but after thinking it through I felt it would be too dark so I went with the silver glitter paper.  Now that added some bling to the card and brightened it up too.

The words are from the "Designer Tin of Cards" set.  I colored in the heart between the words using a Real Red maker.

This was easy enough to do and super quick because the background was already done.  I may have to whip up and extra background now and then to have them on hand to put together a quick card!!

I layered it on a folded half sheet of Real Red cardstock and that's about it!

Thank you SO much for stopping by to see today's post,

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Kathy Bolam said...

Thank you Wanda for sharing your design. This is a card that I will use for my Valentines Day cards since I am limited on supplies since I am out of state and couldn't bring all my supplies with me.