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Friday, August 14, 2015

Elephant Fry Box Party Favor Skipping Stone Designs

Summer is time for those movies in the park, a backyard movie or just something fun for your family reunion.  Today I have for you a sneak peek of the fry box I made using the fun Elephant stamp by Stepping Stone Designs.  You can see the whole card here.  

You can get a free fry box template here.  Just put your favorite card stock in your printer (if it can handle thicker paper) and print it out.  Or you can print it out on copier paper and use it as a pattern.

Before I put my box together I pierced some holes along the tops of the back and front of the box.  I sewed (with a needle!!!) some Baker's Twine through the holes.  On the back piece I tied a bow. It's a bit difficult to see because of the peanuts.  I did glue the fry box together.  I find that glue holds a lot better than tape. 

I stamped the elephant on gray polka dot decorative paper and fussy cut him out!  I used a gel pen to color in the toes, tusks, and ears.  I colored the ears in so I could take a pink marker and color them in.  

I punched out a scalloped circle and attached it to the fry box.  I used glue because of the arch of the box I didn't think tape would hold.  And I also glued the elephant.  

These fry boxes go together quickly so if you need to make a lot you can mass produce them in a few hours. I would recommend you cut and glue the fry boxes and set them aside to set up.  I don't recommend gluing on the scalloped circle because of the arch of the box may cause the circle to bend, pinch or fold.  

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Teresa Kline said...

this is super duper cute, I so luv the idea and the favor box....FAB Wanda!

sparkle & shine *~*