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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Guy Greetings Masculine Birthday Card

I was going through some card ideas that I had saved to my computer and I found this gem.  I liked it because it's one of those "Clean and Simple" cards.  Plus it's also a quick and easy card too!!!

I found  it on "Stamping With Lynn".  There was something about it that drew my to it.  Perhaps the clean look.  When I first started making cards, it seemed that all of my cards had the clean and simple look.  Then I started doing the Split Coast Stampers Wednesday challenge and I fell in love with layers. LOTS of layers!!!  Sometimes it's nice to just go back to simple.

This is a very easy card to make.  I just stamped the images and punched them out with the 1-3/8" square punch.  The reason the corners were clipped a little was because as I was starting to put the card together I noticed that I had caught the edge of the paper with the punch.  I must have stamped too close.  I didn't catch it right away because it was so small.  But just as I was taping it, I saw it.  I didn't want to stamp everything again so I just clipped the opposite corner.  That was fine until I realized on the car I clipped the next corner, not the opposite one!  UGH!!!  So all four corners had to be clipped.  Problem solved and no paper wasted!!!

The words come with the set.  And below the words I added 3 Candy Dots.  And that's it.  I told you it was easy.

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