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Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Guy Greetings, Gorgeous Grunge, and Wetlands Dad Birthday Card

Yup, another monochromatic card and again in black and white! That's only because I had cut out two cars and layered both of them yesterday.  It's something I often do and then I set the other one aside to get lost so I can find it someday and am happy because I found something almost finished!!! Crazy thinking!!!! LOL  Well, as per the norm for me, I did leave the layered circle on my worktable but it didn't get covered up or moved to the corner.  I actually used it, as you can see.   This card could use a little work on the greetings panel.  I wished I would have done the dots stamping off once.  I think the black dots are just a bit too dark for the greetings.  I do like this "Gorgeous Greetings" set.  I especially like the background on the large panel.  I think it would be a fun background for a cow focal image!!!  Anyway, this card is okay!  It was still fun to make and if you need a quick card, the one from yesterday was quicker but this one didn't take long either!

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