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Sunday, August 02, 2015

An English Garden Notebook Weekend Project

I was in need of a notebook and with the stuff I have in my workroom, I just hate the thought of purchasing one.  So I got out my "stuff" and began making one.  

First I cut my inside paper.  I have some paper that was used in the old dot matrix printers.  I cut away the edges and used what is left.  I cut my inside pieces 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".  That way I not only have a nice size notebook but I can also use a card front if I have one or I can just make a new one!  Here I used the "English Garden" decorative paper.  I layered it with Soft Suede, Delightful Dijon, and Mossy Meadow.

The words are from a stamp I had made for me MANY years ago.  I have used it SO much and I think it will last a lifetime!!!  I hope it will anyway, I do make a lot of notebooks.  Especially mini ones that I sell at craft fairs.  I'll be making some up in the next few weeks and I'll be sharing them with you on here.

Oh, I almost forgot.  For the holes, I used the Rubi Coil machine.  It's a 4:1 machine.  That means it punches 4 holes per inch.  You need to purchase coils that are 4:1 too or you won't be able to bind your notebooks. I punch the holes in my paper and then I take the front and back of my notebook and punch them together. For the back of my notebook I used a piece of shirt board (cereal box thickness) that is white on one side.  I like the white side on the outside.  It gives the notebook a more clean and professional look.  I just remembered, I need to make a notebook for a friend so I will be making another notebook with in the next few weeks.    

These are fun to make though I do with I could just punch up a bunch of the inside paper and have it ready for me so I can make notebooks quicker!!!  I always tell myself that I should just cut and punch a few pages a day and when I'm ready I can just put notebooks together.  That last for about one time!!! LOL  Well, that's about it for this post!  Happy Stamping to you!

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