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Monday, February 09, 2015

Perpetual Birthday Calendar And Gorgeous Grunge Page

Today I thought I would make my February perpetual calendar page before the month is over!!! LOL  Looking at the photo, I wish I would have added regular Real Red hearts at the bottom instead of stamped off ones.  I could always add some solid ones to the bottom right to balance it a bit more.  I will have to think about that one.  This Perpetual Birthday Calendar from Stampin' Up! looks like it's going to be a fun and very creative way to decorate each page.  I did use the Gorgeous Grunge dots image to cover the page more.  I stamped off so the writing I add on the calendar will still show!  Something you need to keep in mind when covering your entire page!!

I just wanted to get this page done.  I bought this stamp set and thought that I'd better use it.

Perpetual calendars are nice because you really don't have to mess with them much.  It's not a "weekly" calendar.  There are no days of the week so you can use the calendars year after year after year.  Though, a word to the wise, write your names in using a pencil (things in life change) and erase names using an art gum eraser.  It's a kneadable eraser, which means you can stretch it and play with it!  I like to form mine into cones and get a nice tip on it to get into areas that I need to be careful on either side of what I'm trying to erase.  Plus it doesn't harm the paper, it only removes the graphite!!  Keep that in mind next time you are in the art department at your favorite craft shop.

I made up my own perpetual calendar.  I printed it out on my computer and I punched the holes using my Rubi Coil punch machine.  If you are interested in purchasing the download for these pages, you will be able to find the item in my web store.  Click here to be taken to directly to the item in my store.

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