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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bow Builder Punch and Digi Paper Wrapping Paper

Today I am going to share with you a fun find.  I did a search on the net for some free Valentine's Day digi paper to download.  Oh my, there were SO many pretty papers to pick from.  I saw this one and downloaded it.  It is suppose to have a light tan strip/plaid background but it didn't print.  But that's okay, I like it the way it is.  I found this print here.  These little gifts are just some theater size boxes of candies.  So that means I could get by with a regular size sheet of copier paper. Though for things like this I do use 28# or 32# paper. I like the paper to be a little thicker for wrapping.  You can't see through it as easy.  

After I printed my paper and wrapped the candies, I proceeded to make the bows.  I used the new Bow Builder punch.  You have to punch the paper twice to get enough pieces, and you end up with one little rectangle that is extra and you just recycle it.  I did Google how to put the bow together because I hadn't seen one made before and I wanted to know what to do.  The best tip for this is to take your bone folder and curl the top bow pieces.  If you try to roll the paper, it cracks on the grain and it doesn't round very nice.  So curl the paper first. This also includes decorative paper but especially card stock (which is what I used here).

The video I watched said to use glue dots to hold the pieces together.  I used glue.  I clipped the pieces together as I glued them so I could just move on to the next one.  I had 5 bows to make, so by the time I finished one side of one bow on all 5, they were set up enough to do the next side.  It worked out well making more than one.  Once they were all assembled, I did stick it on the package with a glue dot.  These are fun and simple to make.

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