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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crazy About You YoYo Spinner Card and Tutorial

Today I'm going to share with you another YoYo Spinner card. This one was done at Terri's downline technique night.  Normally I am setting things up there but Terri told me that I could make my own cards.  I was thrilled.  I wasn't prepared but I managed to get the card put together and I had a great time.  It was the first time my sister was there so I got to sit by her too.  It was a nice night.  

My card looks a bit warped because it is.  I used a glue stick to put it together (remember, I said I had come unprepared!!!).  And I also had a problem with distinguishing my right from my left.  It doesn't easily show up on the photo (unless you look closer) but my fold is on the right!!!  I know, it's a card for left handed people!!! LOL

You can see my other Yo Yo Spinner card and a link to instructions and a video on how to do this yourself.  Click here.   Just a tip here.  When assembling the card it's important to remember that the two window sheets don't need to be a specific size.  They just need to be small enough to hid behind the spinning image.  So if  you can use your Big Shot and Thinlits to cut your circles.  Window sheets can jam a punch and sometimes damage it.  So use your Big Shot if you can.

Also on this card, the tiny flowers were put together with a Dimensional in between and the thread (with a knot tied in it).  Pearls were added to each side.  

When assembled, the Window Sheets will be touching each other.  The thread winds around the dimensional.  I thought it was suppose to go between the window sheets.  Don't do that.  It will make your brad pull through the card stock.

For this card only one image was stamped, unlike the one in the instructions where there were two stamped.  That was because one had to be set on top of the other to cover the brad.  Here the tiny black flower hid the brad.  Whatever works for you!!!

The stamp set used here is Crazy About You.  Such a fun set.  I have it and have not used it yet.

I think that about covers it!  So go make one, they're fun!!!

Thank you SO much for visiting tonight,

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