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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bloom with Hope Birthday Card

Please put down any sharp objects or things that could cause injury!!!  This card may push you over the edge.  If there were an ugly card contest, this card would have been entered.  This card went in a totally different direction than I had planned.  And all I can say about it is YUCK!!!  I couldn't even give this card to anyone!!!   I am going to rework it in a few days and actually come up with something that isn't so hideous looking.  You know when I tell you that the photo doesn't do the card justice?  Well, in this case, the card is even worse in person!!!  I am not being hard on my self either.  There is nothing about this card that goes together.  I promise you I will rework it and show you something better in a few days.

The Bloom with Hope set deserved better than this!!!

I do thank you for stopping by today and I am sorry the card is not up to my usual work.

1 comment:

Belle said...

Having never made an bad card....ya right! If I were copying your card I would switch the decorative paper and the image, maybe making the decorative paper a bid narrower. I would keep the sentiment only changing the solid base color, more close to the stamped color.

I have that decorative paper and really didn't like it very much, but your card changed my I can see what can be done with it...thank you and thank you for all of the great card ideas you have given me!