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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Blooming With Kindness Mother's Day Card

Today while I was looking at all the stuff on my workroom counter I noticed the paper doilies sitting there.  I had not played with them in a while so I took one out of the pack.  I wanted to make enough of the doily show on the card so that you could see that it was a paper doily there instead of a bit of lacy paper.

First I stamped the flower from the Blooming with Kindness set and I layered it.  Then I made the textured background and set it in place on top of the Old Olive card stock but I didn't tape it in place yet..  Next I set the doily on top of the dotted paper and realized that I should trim up the doily to fit the dotted paper and not let it over hang on the Old Olive piece.  

Next I punched out the Old Olive scallop.  I wanted to be able to see where to place it with all of the elements in place but not stuck down yet.  When I saw where the doily would look best I glued it in place.  Then came the flower and it's layer.  And finally the scallop.  I set it in place using Dimensionals.  I don't know why that center of the scallop looks so off center but it is not. It must be the lighting!  

This was a very fun and quick card to make.  I am trying to get a stash of Mother's Day cards going for the upcoming garage sale.  I sell (other than my unwanted housewares) some necklaces with mom, nana, grandma, aunt, sister, etc. on them and cards too.  The kids that shop with their parents LOVE to buy them. I keep it cheap enough so it won't break their bank and they get to give their special person a fun little gift that they purchased themselves.  It was such a great success last year that I'm going to do it again.  Hundreds upon hundreds of people come to this annual garage sale so I'm sure there will be new people.  Anyway, it's for the kids.  I try to purchase necklace chains at a very low price so I can pass it on.  I love the smiles on these kids faces.  It makes the day SO worthwhile!

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