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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Fitting Occasion Birthday Card

I have not played with the "A Fitting Occasion" set much at all.  I wanted it because it covered a lot of occasions but the pieces in the set are small so you need to find the perfect layout for these small pieces.

This is one of my favorite layouts.  I have played with it for quite a few years now and I make several cards a year using it.  And it happens to be perfect for this set.

And another reason I decided to use this set was that I needed to make a new card using this layout.  Someone had ruined my display card and it was looking pretty shabby sitting on the ledge in my workroom.  

I am not so fond of the colors I picked but I saw some other small images that I will be wanting to use this layout on in the near future so I'm ok with this card (for now)!!! 

I don't remember what post has the measurements so I will just list them again here (though they could be found on the sidebar under "measurements", possibly or probably!!!  But first I must share with you where I had gotten the layout from.  It's from Kwerner Design Blog.  

Now for the measurements.  The base of the card is a half sheet of cardstock cut on the short side at 4-1/4".  Fold it in half.  The white piece is cut at 3-1/2" x 4-5/8".  The next layer is cut 3" x 4-1/8" and the decorative paper layer is cut 2-7/7" x 4".  I lightly tape the decorative paper layer and the next one together where the circle will be cut out.  And here's the trick to cutting the circles out. Once the decorative paper is lined up on the next layer and there is a little bit of tape close to where you are punching out the circle, center the sides of the 1-1/4" circle punch and punch from the end between 1/2" to 3/4".  The tape will more than likely be in the circle that is punched out.  You don't need that piece but you can save it for a future project.  Next take the decorative paper piece and set a piece of scrap copier paper behind it and take the 1-3/8" circle punch and line up the punched circle.  Here you will be punching a thin ring off that punched circle.  When you are done the two layers and two punched circles will line up perfectly.  I hope I explained that clearly.  

The stamped piece was done on a scrap piece of Whisper White and set in place with Dimensionals on the back of the two top layers.  Before that top layer is set in place you will need to add the ribbon.  Then set that piece on top of the Whisper White piece, which should be set on the card base before you add the top layers.  And that's it!!! It's not that difficult to make at all!  Give it a try and let me know how you do!

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen this lay-out but I like it!!! Thanks for the details you give - it is so helpful.