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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mixed Bunch Accordion Fold Technique

Last week I participated in a card swap.  I have not been in one of those in a very long time and it was super fun.  I will share my card with you in a few weeks.  Mine had a Christmas theme and personally I think it's a bit too early for Christmas things.  After Labor Day maybe!

The gals usually put their names on their swap cards but this one had no name.  So if you know who made this card please let me know so I can give them credit.

I love the versatility of this card too.  The bottom is open to add wording if you like or just send as is for several occasions.  I am fond of black and white cards too!

To do the accordion fold you just cut your 12" piece of card stock to 3/4" wide, to whatever width you want and score every 1/4".  Then you just fold like an accordion.  I glued my seams together, I didn't think the tape would hold well enough.  Glue dots to hold down the piece is very helpful too.  I set mine on glue dots and then I used hot glue to hold them more permanently.  And on my card I did not use 12" paper, I used the 11" card stock.  It was harder to fold but I got the same results.  I think if I had used decorative paper I would not have needed hot glue, a glue dot would have worked just fine.

The background paper here was done using one of the small "Mixed Bunch" images.  And the decorative paper is from the "Modern Medley" pack. I have the pack but haven't used it yet.  Don't ask what I'm waiting for!!! I'm not hoarding it, I just haven't been that creative to dig it out and play with it!

This is such a pretty card and I think I could see myself making some in the future.

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