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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Morning Meadow and Secret Garden Washi Tape

Fun, fun, fun!!!  Today's card comes to by Jenny at "Stamping Moments".  I had done a search for Washi Tape to see what I could come up with to use it on.  I was having second thought on my purchase of it until I found Jenny's blog. 

This is a very simple card to make.  The base is Strawberry Slush and so are the two flowers on the left.  One is stamped from the "Morning Meadow" set and the other is just punched form Strawberry Slush cardstock.  The yellow is Daffodil Delight.  The flower is also  from the "Morning Meadow" set.  I got that set because of the longer Asian looking flower not for the punchable flower!!  But I do like this new flower.  I also like how Jenny punched out a solid cardstock flower to go behind the stamped ones.  It gives it a bit of depth.  

Oh and don't forget the rhinestones. That bling on the card is such a nice touch!  And the words are also from the same "Morning Meadow" set.

The Washi Tape was fun to use.  I clipped the ends into the ribbon edge looking points.  I didn't care much for doing that because the tape is just that, tape and it's sticky and hard to cut in that way.  It's not hard to cut, just hard to do the "V" thing.  Oh and if you get the tape down on your paper and it's crooked you can slowly remove it but then it curls up and then it's a bit more difficult to work with.  But after the second time of setting that far left strip in place I was able to add the other two with ease.  

Isn't this just a cute and festive card?  I'm SO glad I ran across it!!  I just HAD to make it!

Thank you SO much for stopping by today,

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