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Friday, January 18, 2013

Candy Hearts

No, they are not real!  They are made of polymer clay. 

This week I was playing with clay and I thought I should finish up some of the projects I started.  I have both of my worktables full of clay things that are not completed.  I keep finding things that I want to try (clay techniques) and I set what I'm doing aside and try the new thing.  Some of the techniques are a bit more intense than others and some are more fun.  I have bits and pieces of projects left and I'm not sure what to do with them. Maybe make some beads.  I know I can't remake the other components because the clay colors won't match.  That's the bad thing with the polymer clay.  You need to mix up a big batch so you have enough to make your projects.  

The clay never goes to waste.  It can be made into beads.  I have some clay veneer that I made using a retro blend a I can just slice the blend and lay it over the scrap clay and make some fun beads.  I did make some last month and I just now got them polished.  I hate polishing them.  I am now covered in bits of fabric threads!  I attached a pile of fabric circles to my Dremmel and use it to polish the clay.  Bits of fabric are always flying off it and they cling to me like a magnet!!!  I'll show you those beads some other time.

These beads are ready to go to the shop to be sold.  They needed white ones.  I don't have any colored ones on hand either.  They sell fast this time of year.  I am sure I will need to make more for the shop but this is all I have made right now.  I don't have any molds on hand but I will be getting some in my web store soon.  I'll post a message on here and on my beading blog when they are available.  

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