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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day Planner Weekend Project

I thought I should start the year off right with a new Day Planner. I surfed the net to find some free pages that I liked.  I found so many of them that were 8-1/2" x 11" but I didn't want a planner that big.  I guess I was looking for one half that size so I could lose it easier!!!  LOL  My workroom is such a mess and I do misplace things a lot.  I'm hoping to get it cleaned up this coming weekend.  I have no other big plans!

After surfing the net and finding a page layout that I liked I printed them out.  It only took 26 pieces of copier paper because I printed it on both sides (just like a real day planner!!!).  Though I did use only 20# paper.  It did work but 28# or 30# is much nicer.  It's got some substance to it and you can't see the writing from the previous page.  But it's ok, this will do the job I have in mind for it.

I wasn't sure where I was going to go with the cover.  I used the Summer Silhouettes set.  I was going to use the card that was on that same page for my cover but it didn't really work.  The card is smaller than the front of my book so this is what I ended up with.  The catalog I am referring to is the Stampin' Up! 2012-2013 one.  

I stamped the images and then added the layers of decorative paper.  This paper came from the Summer Smooches pack.  I'm not overly fond of how the bottom part of the planner and again, it's ok, it will do the job!!

To make the planner you will need to print out the pages.  Here is the link to where I got the free pages to download and print out.  Once I got the 26 pages printed on both sides I cut them in half.  Then I punched the holes in them with my RubiCoil machine.  You can always take them to an office store such as Office Max, Office Depot or Kinko's, or maybe your local printer and have the holes punched.   Be sure to bring the cover pages with you too.  I also cut a sheet of copier paper in half so I could add one to the front of the book and one to the back.  You can always use a paper punch and bind the book together with twine or rings.  There's lots of ways to bind a book!  Once the pages were punched I ran the spiral through them and bent the edges to hold it in place.  Then I proceeded to decorate the front and that was it!! Now I have no excuse to not get the things done I need to.  Well, they will be written down at least.  Getting them done is a whole different story!!! LOL

Have fun making these.  Please be sure to check the copyrights on the pages if you plan to make these to sell. The pages were made by someone and they may have rules to them beyond personal use.

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C.Good said...

So love this idea can't wait to make one. Thanks for sharing.